About me

Who I am

I am a 1994-born nerd from Germany with a strong interest in science, technology and interaction design as well as typography and photography. I started taking photos semi-professional around 2008, dabbed into web development in 2010 and have been eagerly learning ever since.
For the last three years, I've been working at a small network consulting company and successfully finished an apprenticeship, specializing in windows and linux servers. Currently, I'm looking for a university in Germany or the EU to study (interface/interaction) design.

What I've made

I develop and maintain the german author community schreibnacht.de since 2013, created several microsites for small businesses or artists, rewrote PHP/Perl-based legacy database applications and created a web frontend for a server application. More on those projects in my Portfolio. I also have several code experiments in progress, which you'll find on Github.