Schreibnacht is a german community for young authors and writers. While keeping actual text (and with it competition) from the platform, the members have created an immersive learning environment with regular online and real-life events.

As the projects main developer, I migrated the community from a PHP forum solution to a modern, NodeJS based application, NodeBB. While preserving the look and feel of the original website, it was possible to create one of the most secure and modern communities in the german part of the internet.

Georg Kolb

Georg Kolb, a famous bass player from Germany, required a mini-site to present a portfolio to clients. I have built and designed a specialized database-less CMS, including the minimalistic, yet textured design. The site also features continuous audio playback while navigating through individual pages.

KomBox (Current project)

The KomBox, while still being in the making, is a complete communications appliance for doctors and hospitals. It enables clients to use the German eArztbrief as well as mail and fax services right out of the box.

Being responsible for user interface, web backend and REST API design, I created an MVC application for managing the device with a web browser as well as to provide a single, powerful interface for medical software to retrieve data in multiple formats from. The UI features a clean, unobstrusive, yet simple design. It is compatible with legacy browsers, but makes full use of modern web technologies in supporting applications.

More coming soon.